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Hello Culture is an ongoing series of events that explore how digital technologies and media are disrupting the way cultural and heritage organisations can produce, interact, create and curate content, transforming how audiences can connect and engage with cultural experiences.

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Hello Culture: SIGN of the times
In the online space consumption of creative and cultural content by diverse creators and for diverse audiences has shown that there is a demand for resonant and relevant content. Platforms such as TikTok and Instagram videos and streaming giants such as Netflix all now host short and long form digital content that is created by a diverse talent for diverse audiences and is continuously remixed, augmented and replayed.
Over the course of the pandemic and beyond lockdown, there has been a clear picture of the use of digital content within cultural contexts, the use of Tik Tok and other short form content both as cultural and commercial content and how it has dramatically increased. In addition, the use of digital has shown a marked shift in the diversity of content, especially as regards queer spaces online, cultural activism and representation.
This is the SIGN of the times- a hybridity of consumption which means that an augmented and enhanced experience will be expected as we moved out of lockdowns into a new future.
The lag between content creation, consumption and what that means for business models is even more profound for those from underrepresented and marginalised backgrounds. With a heteronormative Western model of production still prevalent, only some mainstream  providers are connecting with diverse producers, content, and audiences. With global audiences driving the demand for diverse digital content, diverse talent is needed to create relevant content reflective of a plurality of voices.
SIGN of the times recognises that the traditional “hero” business growth journey fails to grasp new post pandemic models of working that now incorporate remote working, collaborative partnership approaches and shared IP. The fluidity and agile response those from marginalised backgrounds experience as part of the weft of their business fabric due to barriers and exclusion, is now an opportunity to create new business growth journeys that reflect values, authenticity, and integrity.
Supporting access to knowledge, thinking, skills and potential for commercial exploitation is essential for diverse talent to ensure more diverse content is being created to pluralise the voices being heard.
The programme  reflects this shift by proactively creating a cohort of peers (8) from underrepresented backgrounds to engage in a workshop programme called Movin’On Up  to develop their skills, business ideas and thinking. 
In addition a series of Masterclasses with leaders in the cultural and digital sectors will be held on Zoom. The speakers will talk about their work and careers and how they have developed this work both in terms of diversity, ideas, ambition, commercial and social imperative, marketing and engagement
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Chief Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer at Warner Bros. Discovery


News, Curation & Tech


Programming Editor at Apple TV


Creative Diversity Partner at the BBC


Consultant, Helga Henry Ltd

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