Hello Culture is an ongoing series of events that explore how digital technologies and media are disrupting the way cultural and heritage organisations produce, interact, create and curate content, by transforming how audiences can connect and engage with cultural experiences.

Meet Our Team

Hello Culture started in 2011 and in response to the ever-changing cultural landscape it has grown to encompass new partners and collaborations with universities, policy bodies, cultural institutions, venues,  producers and artists. Hello Culture continues to demonstrate the agility and resilience it has been arguing are essential for cultural and arts organisations to develop by transforming its programme model in order to be responsive to the needs of the sector with conferences and Labs bringing together artists, arts organisations, academics and creative technologists. Hello Culture is curated on themes such as identity and representation, disruptive cultural experiences, and diversity in story telling.

In 2018 a new strand Hello Culture: Remix was born. Delivered as part of BBC Academy’s Digital Cities in Birmingham and Manchester, the Remix strand platforms new thinking to help artists, organisations and academics remix their practice in response to new applications of technologies and meet the myriad ways audiences engage with culture.

Emilia Moniszko
Digital Content

I am a creative brand strategist, lecturer and the founder of Blunt & Brave. The skills and knowledge gained from 10 years of experience in the local creative sector, teaching Social Innovation at the University of Warwick as well as my work as a brand strategist at Blunt & Brave, allows me to deliver work that helps organisations cultivate positive change, educate and inspire as well as break barriers. As part of my role, I lead on creating digital campaigns, brand consultancy as well as directing video and photoshoots. Most recently I had a great privilege to work with organisations like Coventry City of Culture Trust, Fargo Village, Adoption UK, Rock Choir, B’Opera, Spectra, and many more.

Shirley Benson

Shirley is a freelance events producer, content curator and consultant, with a passion for digital storytelling, mental health awareness and developing the next generation of content creators. She brings with her a wealth of experience and contacts developed over a 25 career at the BBC –covering Entertainment, Children’s, BBC Learning and The Academy – and is highly experienced at influencing, persuading and generally wrangling, multiple partners and contributors towards the delivery of brilliant events

Wendy Osmond

Wendy is a stenographer who began her career as a court reporter and now provides live remote captioning (also known as speech-to-text or CART services) via Zoom, YouTube Live and other platforms for online events such as conferences, meetings, lectures and webinars, with a particular interest in the cultural and digital spheres. Other work currently includes live TV broadcast subtitling, specialising in sports coverage and current affairs.

Chris Brown
Programme Co-Curator

Chris Brown is founder and editor of Polaroids and Polar Bears and Communications Manager at Colmore BID

Lara Ratnaraja
Programme Curator

Lara is a freelance cultural consultant specialising in diversity, innovation, leadership, collaboration and cultural policy implementation within the HE, cultural and digital sector.

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