Drawing on his background in music and the nightlife industry, as well as extensive AV and IT support experience in the fields of broadcast, events, and HE there isn't much that Gareth hasn't encountered and overcome in the tech event space.

Successful across multiple industries in a variety of roles for clients such as the BBC Academy, ITV, University of Leeds and M.O.M.A. if those credentials weren't impressive enough, he is now the Operations Engineer for BBC Children's & Education, supporting systems and providing vital technical support to several departments - we're not exaggerating when we say that Gareth is the essential go-to when things don't go as expected.

Leaning heavily on his ability to think fast along with the right balance of wit and expertise (not to mention some unintentional swearing!) Gareth excels in high-pressure situations and due to his ability to translate and communicate technical concepts he is equally adept in projects and planning phases.

Gareth brings a track record of integrity, creativity, and passion to every event.

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