Hello Culture Remix 2020


  • 27 January 2021 -

    Hello Culture Remix: Are You Experienced? Digital and Queer Culture


    11:00-12:00 Brunch with Hello Culture x Le Gateau Chocolat, hosted by Helga Henry

    Join Le Gateau Chocolat for this keynote exploring art, queer culture and digital and how he created work online during lockdown.

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    13:00-14:00 Lunch with Hello Culture: Are you Experienced - Digital and Queer Culture, chaired by Chris Brown Editor of Polaroids and Polar Bears

    When lockdown happened, many members of the LGBTQ+ community were forced into quarantine environments which didn’t respect how they identified. Online became an essential way to feel connected to their communities; with queer virtual parties, online Pride, drag and queer art reflecting how queer culture online brought with it a sense of community.

    What does this mean for when we come out of lockdown though? Will these new online spaces still exist, or will people gravitate to real life locations?

    Chris Brown, Editor of Polaroids and Polar Bears

    Dan Vo, Freelance museum consultant
    Kate O’Donnell, Artistic Director Trans Creative
    Sacha Coward, Freelance Museum Professional

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  • 24 February 2021 -


    11:00-12:00 Brunch with Hello Culture hosted by Helga Henry

    13:00-14:00 Lunch with Hello Culture Panel  Are you Experienced: Digital and Protest. Chair Javaad Alipoor Director The Javaad Alipoor Company,  exploring how digital platforms enabled protest and activism in art during lockdown.

    Black Lives Matter, decolonisation, statues – lockdown saw the biggest demonstrations and activism that finally challenged the systemic and institutional cultural frameworks that had been barriers to marginalised and minoritised people for decades. This breaking of the veil was achieved through physical protests buy online demonstrations such as black squares on Instagram and anti-racists sloganeering.

    But beyond the squares on Instagram,  cultural activism burns bright online – what happens next as the world continues to burn?


    Stella Kanu Executive Director at LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre)

    Amahra Spence, Co-founder, Creative Director MAIA

    Michael Jenkins Blak Wave

Hello Culture Remix: Are You Experienced? - 27 January, 2021

A keynote and panel exploring culture in lockdown. How are we rethinking and resetting the cultural experience? What happens next and how does the sector navigate an oversaturated digital marketplace, engage with new and diverse audiences as well as converting its physical existing audiences?

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