By Lara Ratnaraja

Once Upon a time.. there was a beginning, middle and end. Now the story and the narrative are no longer linear experiences to be passively consumed as digital technologies disrupt the nature of the cultural experience.

The end is the beginning, the beginning is the end and the middle connects multiple narratives across multiple platforms.

Whilst our society is made up of people from a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, and identities equally there are structural and institutional barriers that perpetuate systemic and inherent inequality and inequity.

If we want a more inclusive society, then we need to see and hear a plurality of perspectives, a plurality of voices  and a plurality of stories. 

Race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, physical ability, beliefs, and cultural heritage all inform and contribute to our diversity and make for an enriched and inclusive society. Seeing stories across the spectrum of diversity gives voice to the under-represented and makes those stories mainstream.

The digital narrative disrupts the linear trajectory of storytelling and as new formats and technologies emerge , we can communicate cultural ideas through multiple channels, which command new ways of storytelling and augmented experiences.

New technologies and platforms such as TikTok, VR, podcasting, AR and podcasting  augment content, expanding it across different audiences.

The spectrum of platforms democratises access allowing for content be that music, film , animation VR, AR, games, AI, or increasingly a cross pollination of art and technology which gives rise to new forms of creative content that transcends art form media boundaries and cultural and societal norms.

In doing so digital disrupts the cultural hegemony of the western canon as it opens up access to new and diverse voices.

As digital technology is experiential,  storytelling becomes less binary and linear, reflecting a plurality of stories and voices that are iterative, fluid and open to repeated redefinition.

If we want to have authentic diverse voices, we can now  create new forms of cultural narrative through digital means that will deviate from the default normative position of physical engagement.

This gives rise to a whole new world of storytelling, story worlds and content creation that can take a myriad of forms and across a diversity of platforms.

The power to own an authentic narrative is  now with the people. If mainstream media hasn’t hitherto reflected under-represented voices, then other media and digital channels now provide direct access to these voices and stories, that resonate with a world that is a diverse and intersectional.

As immersive technologies create new forms of content and augment traditional cultural output, the creative opportunities to collaborate and co-create are now integral to telling tales.

Hello Culture Remix: Telling Tales explores how by embodying the cultural voice through diverse artistic practices, narrative perspectives and multiple platforms, we can create cultural spaces for audiences to experience art in new ways and see themselves reflected.

We hope it will be a creative catalyst for you to collaborate and create and tell your stories.

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