What happens next and how does the sector navigate an oversaturated digital marketplace, engage with new and diverse audiences as well as converting its physical existing audiences?



Brunch with Hello Culture x AD:Vantage in partnership with Create Central

11:00-12:00 Wednesday Wednesday November 25 Keynote:  Kris Halpin aka Dyskinetic hosted by Helga Henry.

A  keynote with Kris Halpin aka Dyskinetic.  Kris is a Cyborg Disabled Musician and this keynote explores music, technology and disability in lockdown

How do you be creative in lockdown when your work is at the intersection of Music, Technology & Disability?  What happens when you have to work remotely with collaborators and other artists?

What does live mean when you are no longer IRL?




Panel 3 13:00-14:00 Wednesday November 25 2020 Are you Experienced: Digital and Disabled- we are not your metaphor.

Chair Jo Verrent  Senior Producer at Unlimited, Board member The Space Arts and the Global Disability Innovation Hub

There is no single universal experience for disabled, D/deaf or neurodivergent artists.  This panel goes beyond the common perceptions of disabled practitioners and explores how artists are using technology and digital to redefine practice, access and audience.

In the so called ‘digital realm’ this is often worse than in other arts sectors, as people confuse empathy with pity and assume immersion can replicate lived experience (spoiler alert: it can’t). But what if we hand over control to disabled artists themselves? What new perspectives, technologies and implications then arise?



Jonny Cotsen  Access Consultant / Performance Artist

Jane Gauntlett  Artist

Tarik Elmoutawakil, Co-Artistic Director, Marlborough Productions 



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